Konva – Rotating a rectangle to cover another

In an earlier post I covered how to rotate a shape around any point on the canvas without using offset. In this post I’ll look at how to rotate and scale a rectangle so that it entirely covers the space it occupied before rotation. This is useful if you ever have to rotate an imageContinue reading “Konva – Rotating a rectangle to cover another”

Konva – HTML5 canvas synchronisation, part 1

Interactive whiteboard apps seem to be a popular use-case vector for the HTML5 canvas. I’m a fan of the Konva JavaScript 2d canvas library so I wondered what it would take to synchronise canvases. Design thoughts My end goal is a meeting or classroom-style whiteboard where there could be multiple users sharing and co-operating onContinue reading “Konva – HTML5 canvas synchronisation, part 1”

Konva – Text what can it do?

I’m generally interested in text layout for couple of side projects so I’m keen to see what Konva can do for me with its Text object. I’m a fan of Konva, and I’m on a journey to understand it in as much depth as I can, and this is a step along the route. MyContinue reading “Konva – Text what can it do?”