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Konva – What the hell did the Transformer actually do to my shape?

So what, you grabbed a transformer handle and stretched the rectangle and now you don’t understand what gives with the width and height – they didn’t change? You can see the freekin size changed but why are the width & height the same as before? Huh ? Stop the world, I wanna get off. Ok, lets talk about it.

Thoughts – The trouble with npm-install…

Boss to developer at 5pm Friday: “That proof-of-concept you knocked up last week for the sales team web dashboard ? We’ve promised the full-blown version to the users by next week – you’re good with that, right?”

Konva – the Group, useful but spooky

The Konva group is a bit hard to pin-down, almost a normal shape but not quite. Its super-powers can be a bit challenging though once you understand a few fundamentals its got your back. Lets dive in…


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